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Blog - bale195

Path Of Exile's latest expansion, Blight, fades away

9 września 2019, 11:18
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The free game RPG Path Of Exile got a little tower defense in Blight, which is the latest extension released yesterday. There are a bunch of Spirit-controlled monsters to see, and the fortress will leave them in the bay and turn them into cute rewards that can use as fascinating oils. It allows the player to save a lot of POE Currency.

In addition to NPC sister, Cassia will show bets and show some neat things her tower can do, such as frozen and shocked enemies, a mysterious anonymous developer explains other changes brought about by the expansion.

Of course, in addition to the new projects the player might expect, the task is changing slightly so that the player can seek inner content without being forced to resolve the main content. Moreover, they are also changing the mechanisms of Necromancer, Assassin, and Destroyer. Whether the player likes to raise the dead or kill them, it is good news.

Vid also mentioned casually that to get more skill bindings, it has an extra column added, which is the most enjoyable part of the whole story. Because this addition gives players more expectations, additionally they purchased more POE PS4 Orbs.

Path Of Exile: Blight is now out, so go there and get rid of those extra skills, or check out the full list of changes on the site.


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